10 Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations

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Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations.

Numerous company and employee records are handled by the HR department, and they must be stored properly for easy control access and security.

Businesses use HR document management software, which can centralize all HR data, for this purpose. Additionally, it can assist in converting paper employee data into digital files for easier accessibility, longer durability, and higher security in the interim.

We’ll discuss some of the top HR document management programs available on the market today

Best Best HR Document Management Software in 2024

Today’s market is flooded with employee file management and human resources document management software. Selecting one for your business might be challenging.

  • Dynafile
  • Goco
  • DocuSign
  • Zoho
  • PandaDoc
  • Avokaado
  • Document Locator
  • PeopleDoc
  • ServiceNow
  • eFileCabinet
  • Box
  • SearchExpress
  • Eddy



DynaFile is a versatile solution for managing HR documents. It enables you to easily create consolidated employee records by converting paper documents into electronic personnel files.

Furthermore, you can achieve rapid conversion through comprehensive scanning automation by making full use of DynaFile. Additionally, a built-in file recognition algorithm swiftly recognizes and groups all of the files based on a variety of parameters.

Digital filing systems facilitate the tracking of files, the sharing of papers, and the creation of digital filing cabinets that are conveniently accessible.

Additionally, the architecture of the DynaFile platform places more emphasis on the organizing and electronic filing procedure. On the other hand, document editing and signing are not given much attention.

As a result, the document management system lacks effective eSignature and document editing features.

Key Features

  • Easy access and management of employees.
  • Allows for batch processing of paper files.
  • Straightforward process of scanning paper and converting it into digital format.
  • Control access rights for specific sections of the directory.
  • The traditional style of digital filing cabinets allows for easier transitions.


Although DynaFile does not list prices on its website, online users report that their normal pricing begins at $249 per user per month.

Although the program doesn’t have a free version, you can request a free demo. You will be required to submit your personal information, the name of the company, the department (HR), and the total number of workers. After that, DynaFile will contact you with a unique, free demo key.


Goco - Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations

GoCo is an all-in-one HR suite that includes payroll, benefits administration, employee onboarding, and digital HR document management.

It offers a far simpler method for tracking HR papers and managing data. In the meanwhile, HR departments can carry out their duties holistically by integrating all HR functions into the system.

You may fill out, edit, and sign any document inside the software, which makes the work of the HR specialist and HR team easier. To speed up procedures, you can also report on data and auto-fill information.

Businesses can handle massive amounts of data more efficiently thanks to the automatic document locator. The combined capabilities improve the efficiency of the administrative HR process and streamline HR procedures.

It’s a good choice for small firms that want to centralize their HR records, audit reports, onboarding materials, offer letters, and payroll history.

Key features

  • Users can create and collect custom fields.
  • You can send secure links to all new hires with customized documentation.
  • Utilize existing pre-made templates.
  • Set advanced user permissions and advanced searches.
  • eSignature, auto-fill, and editing capabilities make it simple to manage staff files and papers.


GoCo’s website states that the cost to use their HRIS solution is $5 per user per month.

But, if you get in touch with them, you can receive a personalized quote that meets your unique requirements.



To assist HR departments across many industries, DocuSign provides a range of digital communication options. It offers services that are safe and compliant with both US e-signatures legislation and foreign requirements.

The procedure of getting documents ready for signatures is simple. Once your form has been uploaded, indicate which sections require the receiver to take action. Documents needing several signers can be color coded, and spaces for checkboxes, signatures, and initials can be added.

These tasks may be essential for HR-related tasks. But DocuSign only offers a small selection of other HR functions.

In order to increase the functionality that they give, DocuSign also connects with other providers.

Key Features

  • Save templates and access with ease
  • Access controls to help safeguard information
  • Enables you to immediately post a signable form on your website.
  • Accept payments with only an electronic signature


eSignature Pricing

eSignanture Pricing - Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations

eSignature Real Estate Pricing

eSignature Real Estate Pricing

Developer API Pricing

Developer API Pricing - Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations



Almost any file format may be created, saved, edited, shared, and collaborated on with the help of the internet application Zoho Docs. It tracks vacation and leave time and handles leave requests. For instance, managers can process leave requests promptly thanks to its absence tracker.

Cloud-based storage powers Zoho. You can upload multiple files at once or one at a time. It gives managers the option to issue alerts to make sure document collecting is effective.

Just like on your PC, your Zoho Docs account allows you to create folders and arrange them according to a type, date, or other criteria. Because of its simplicity, teaching employees how to utilize Zoho Docs is not too difficult.

The only things Zoho Docs can accomplish as part of the Zoho product range are to store and modify your essential documents. You will need to sign up for other Zoho product subscriptions if you are seeking other services.

Key Features

  • Uses backup and restore to stop lost files.
  • A 2048-bit key is automatically used to encrypt every file.
  • Recognizable cloud storage with desktop features.
  • Keep files for as long as your account is active.


Zoho pricing - Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations



Another tool for e-signature negotiations with new hires is PandaDoc. Documentation related to employees can also be gathered with it.

It allows you to generate graphic documents and has e-signature features. You may add multimedia to any text in PandaDoc to give your papers some flair.

Sending papers to employees or other stakeholders is also made simple with PandaDoc. Pre-made templates covering many common business needs are included with your PandaDoc account. Its straightforward drop-and-drag interface even allows you to make your own templates.

The comparatively expensive per-user cost of PandaDoc is one of its drawbacks. As a business grows, this charge structure may result in large monthly payments.

Key Features

  • Produce eye-catching papers with e-signature functionality.
  • Any text can have multimedia added to it.
  • Able to limit file forwarding via email.
  • You have total creative flexibility with fields that can be customized.


PandaDoc pricing - Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations



Avokaado is a comprehensive solution for managing the lifetime of contracts. HR specialists can use it to aid with activities like automating contracts with clauses. Additionally, templates can be used to produce repeating documentation. Digital document storage and electronic signature collection will be possible.

You can keep track of your HR paperwork using Avokaado. Reminders can be added either for you or for each collaborator. You won’t miss any deadlines in this manner.

Every document is kept in one central location, ensuring that you never lose or misplace critical information. Furthermore, having quick document retrieval and the ability for stakeholders to access critical information from any location can assist in preventing business interruptions.

For teams who need to generate and handle a large number of papers, Avokaado is perfect.

However, keep in mind that Avokaado only allows use in English at this time. You might want to look at other HR document management software choices if your staff is more diversified.

Key Features

  • Drafting HR contracts is sped up with smart templates.
  • Automated monitoring of terms and deadlines.
  • Safekeeping of data.
  • Import and export of data.


Avokaado pricing - Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations

Document Locator

Document Locator

Document Locator enables a business to automate a number of processes. It functions within Windows Explorer and is integrated into Microsoft Windows, in contrast to other HR document management solutions.

It lessens the possibility of misplacing or losing files. The necessity to name files and move them to a specific location is eliminated with auto-filing. Users can designate guidelines to be adhered to when submitting papers. You can, for instance, organize file names and folder names according to employees or dates.

The storage of documents is completely safe. The security mechanism of Document Locator logs every action and is based on the Windows NT security architecture.

One drawback of Document Locator is that it can be a slow system. When attempting to fulfill deadlines or make minor tweaks, this can lead to frustration.

Key Features

  • Files can be searched in their entirety.
  • Versioning protects your files.
  • Both filing technology and auto-naming technology are used to handle files.
  • All activities are covered by audit trails.


Document Locator hosted - Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations
Document Locator on premise


PeopleDoc - Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations

PeopleDoc HR document management provides a plethora of HR management tools that you would expect from any HR software. The program is used by a number of significant organizations and enterprises all around the world.

Their primary purpose is to assist corporations in simplifying HR procedures. They primarily accomplish this by providing cloud document management for all types of HR papers. To build centralized employee files, paper files will be converted into electronic records.

Furthermore, it aids in the maintenance of compliance standards and improves the efficiency of other HR systems.

Their employee file management and knowledge portal enables you to manage papers, securely share files, and identify critical employee documents.

Furthermore, the HR system offers retention schedules, role-based user rights, and scanning automation.

Key features

  • Integrated cloud storage
  • Allows for the creation of simple and complex documents
  • Built-in HR case management and portal
  • Several advanced search options
  • HR services automation


There isn’t a pricing page on PeopleDoc’s website; the company doesn’t have pricing plans because they typically provide custom quotes for each company.

Instead, you can make an appointment or call them, and they will ask you a series of questions to learn more about your organization and your needs. They will then provide you with a custom pricing plan that takes into account both your present and future needs.



ServiceNow streamlines document management at your business and is completely automated. Your HR document compliance can be automated using the software’s legal hold feature and high level of encryption. In addition, ServiceNow is easy to use, allows for the creation of numerous retention rules, and grants access to employees so they may update their profiles on their own without consulting HR staff.

Key Features

  • Case and Knowledge Management.
  • Employee Journey Management.
  • Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions.
  • Journey Accelerator.
  • Journey designer.
  • Manager Hub.
  • Listening Posts.
  • Learning Core.


At ServiceNow, they offer results-driven solutions to transform your business. To help your company reach its full potential, they have to dig into the details. Contact them to get a unique quote

ServiceNow pricing - Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations



You can manage your HR documentation using eFileCabinet while adhering to company and government standards. It streamlines administrative duties, increasing efficiency and empowering groups in the financial, legal, HR, and IT departments.

You can take charge of your operations and free up time for other important duties by utilizing the automated option. You shouldn’t worry if you think your staff won’t adjust to eFileCabinet; the tool’s committed technical professionals will keep them informed and productive.

Key Features

  • Send and sign forms
  • Securely share files of any size
  • Control access and track files
  • Accessible by browser or desktop app
  • Training and in-app help resources


Pricing: eFileCabinet does not presently provide a free trial and has an annual fee of $1200.00 per feature.

Some users report that the tool can occasionally have bugs, and customer service seems to be the main source of frustration.


Box HR - Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations

Another solution to help automate your HR document compliance is Box. This solution facilitates HR file records administration across teams and departments, regardless of the size of your company. Its cloud-sharing function makes it simple and safe to work on document management with your colleagues from any device. Additionally, Box can be customized to fit the workflows of your teams and is fully encrypted to protect critical employee data.

Key Features

  • HR onboarding.
  • Training and enablement.
  • Recruiting management.
  • Employee records management.
  • Performance reviews.


box hr pricing


SearchExpress - Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations

With SearchExpress, document management software, HR staff may work more productively by automating tasks and doing away with paper. Users can manage, search, index, and scan both digital and paper records with it.

Users of SearchExpress can also share Word, Excel, and eForms files, as well as process scanned documents. Documents are accessible to staff members by PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Key Features

  • Access controls and permissions
  • Activity tracking
  • Approval process control
  • Archiving and retention
  • Assignment management
  • Audit trail
  • Batch processing
  • Business process automation
  • Collaboration tools


SearchExpress pricing


Eddy HR - Best HR Document Management Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations

A human resources suite called EddyHR was created to assist nearby companies in managing their deskless workforce. It offers a cloud-based HR management solution with reporting, job posting, and safe document storage.

HR departments may schedule interviews and monitor the status of applications with Eddy. Additionally, you can offer jobs to people who show promise and let them know when their appointments are set. With this all-in-one platform, EddyHR users can hire, manage, onboard, and even pay employees.

Administrators have the ability to store documents and make profiles, two crucial responsibilities for onboarding and onboarding new staff. Every employee has the ability to edit corporate positions, employee reviews, and requests for paid time off.

Payroll and application tracking are only offered as add-on features, despite the fact that Eddy has many useful features.

Key Features

  • Eddy People for mobile time clocks and a personnel directory.
  • Eddy Hire for hiring and managing applicants.
  • For tax compliance and payroll requirements, use Eddy Payroll.
  • Critical metrics are tracked using automated reports.


Eddy HR pricing


A strong HR document management system is essential for any company having an HR department. It centralizes your staff records and HR documentation, which is essential if you want to grow.

Make sure you discuss your needs with any HR document management solution you choose for your company. Next, determine whether each software’s features align with those needs to determine if it’s a good fit.

Most importantly, make sure the program is compatible with your tech stack by looking over all of the integrations.

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