12 Tech Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

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In the fast-paced world of technology, finding ways to make your digital life easier can save you time, reduce stress, and enhance your overall productivity. From automation tricks to little-known shortcuts, the tech hacks listed below are designed to streamline your daily activities. Here are 12 tech hacks that could potentially change your life forever.

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1. Reopen a closed tab quickly

Reopen a closed tab quickly

Nooo! So, you closed the tabs you were viewing or your browser by mistake? Remain calm. One of the tech hacks that will change your life forever is surely thisone. Using Cmnd+Shift+T on a Mac or Ctrl+Shift+T on a Windows computer, you can quickly reopen it. No issue if it wasn’t the last tab you closed. Continue hitting the key to bring up other tabs. If you haven’t cleared the cache in your browser, it continues to function even after you have completely closed it.

2. Increase The Time You Have To Unsend Emails On Gmail

Tech Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever - Increase The Time You Have To Unsend Emails On Gmail

The Undo Send function in Gmail can come in quite handy. Particularly for those who discover they made a mistake after hitting the send button. The Undo Send button only shows up by default for five seconds after an email is sent, which some users may find insufficient. The good news is that Gmail users can expand the Undo Send window.

In Gmail, use the settings icon located in the upper right corner to accomplish this task. Choosing See all settings. Look for the‘Undo Send option and select one of the following: 10, 20, or 30 seconds from the Send cancelation period selection.

3. Boost the speakers on your phone

Boost the speakers on your phone.

Because the speakers on smartphones aren’t very strong, most users pair them with earbuds or other audio equipment to get the full listening experience for their podcasts and music. If you need to hear anything quickly, put your phone in a dry dish or cup. You’ll be shocked at how much louder your audio sounds when you aim the speakers downward. Just be sure to use sanitized cups!

4. Silence A Disturbing Email Conversation

Tech Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever - Silence A Disturbing Email Conversation

Email threads can be bothersome, particularly if multiple coworkers are continuously replying to each other on the same email trail. Fortunately, Gmail users may turn off unwanted notifications by muting email threads. Open the email thread, tap the three dots at the top of the interface, and choose ‘Mute’ from the list of options to accomplish this. Users can choose the ‘All Mail’ option from the left sidebar to view the chat.

5. Pin your Android screen

Pin your Android screen

If your child uses your tablet for gaming or your phone for making calls, make sure they only use it for those purposes! Once an app is pinned, it cannot be unpinned. To pin a screen, open it, swipe up to see the Overview carousel, touch the app’s icon, and choose Pin (if Pin doesn’t appear, enable the function in your advanced security settings). To unpin it, simultaneously touch the Back + Home/Overview button. This will return the screen to the home screen where you will need to enter your pin or fingerprint to get back access.

6. Use Google Search Operators

Tech Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever - Use Google Search Operators

There are unique commands, referred to as search operators, that can assist users who are having problems finding relevant Google Search results. Users can refine their searches by using these operators. For example, a specific website’s results are returned via the site: operator. site:learn-dev-tools.blog.com entered For instance, searching for “Best HTML and CSS Courses” will show you all of the articles that have been published on the website and contain the term. Alternatively, the - operator can be used to find results that do not contain a certain word.

7. Use ChatGPT To Write Emails, Captions, LinkedIn Posts And More

Use ChatGPT To Write Emails, Captions, LinkedIn Posts And More

Another tech hack tip for you is to use ChatGPT for routine work. You can use it for composing simple emails, formal invitations, handling customer complaints, etc. The language processing technology can produce text that is ready to be sent that is grammatically correct and readable. You only need to input some context, select their preferred tone and style, and give any other necessary data, such names, length or dates.

8. Recover Deleted Photos

Tech Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever - Recover Deleted Photos

It’s not uncommon to quickly delete photos only to wish you hadn’t. Fortunately, both Android and iOS users have a grace period to recover these images. For Android users, any photo deleted through Google Photos can be retrieved from Google Photos > Library > Bin for up to 60 days. Note, only pictures deleted this way will be recoverable. On the iOS side, deleted photos can be found in Recently Deleted > Photos and can be restored within 30 days.

9. Turn On Your Computer’s Night Light Feature

Turn On Your Computer's Night Light Feature

Windows and macOS come with an integrated night light feature for those who use your computers at night. This feature reduces blue light, which can be damaging to the eyes, and adjusts color temperature. On Windows, type Night Light into the search bar. Click the top result, then choose Turn on now to activate the feature. On a Mac, go to the top menu bar, click the Apple menu, and choose ‘System Settings. Proceed to Displays and select Night Shift. From here, you can modify the color temperature, plan Night Shift for a specific time, and activate it.

10. Create Wi-Fi Codes for Guests

Tech Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever - Create Wi-Fi Codes for Guests

For Android users, this is a tip that works better. Android users have the option to create a QR code for a Wi-Fi network. It enables other users to join the network rather than manually exchanging the Wi-Fi password. To access the Wi-Fi network menu, navigate to Settings, tap the settings icon next to the name of the connected Wi-Fi network, and press the QR code button located at the bottom. To scan the code and join the network, navigate to the Wi-Fi settings menu and hit the scanner button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

11. Use a New Tab for Your Timer

Use a New Tab for Your Timer

If you use a timer, you’ve probably observed that you have to keep navigating between the windows to see how much time is left. However, what if the countdown was visible to you directly?

The timer countdown is displayed on the tab by the e.gg.timer app. so that you can see how much time is left even if you’re visiting another website.

12. Use Calendly to Automate Your Meeting Availability

Tech Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever - Use Calendly to Automate Your Meeting Availability

You can arrange appointments with individuals outside of your company who might not be using the same calendaring software as you with Calendly. You can share a specific Calendly URL after you’ve determined in the app what time and length works best for you. In this manner, the back-and-forth of many emails is avoided and others attempting to plan activities with you can find what works best.

These 12 tech hacks that will change your life forever are just the tip of the iceberg but can significantly enhance your digital interactions, making your daily tech use more effective and enjoyable. Embrace these hacks, and you’ll find yourself reclaiming time, increasing productivity, and maybe even discovering new ways to use technology to enhance your life.

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