12 Incredible Life Tech Hacks You need to Know

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Today, Technology has affected and is continuing to affect your life in one way or another. Be it in your personal, social or professional life, knowing how to use it to get the best of yourself is quite important.

Will you not be happy if you can impressively decrease the time taken to complete a specific task that usually consumes a lot of your time? Especially if you had tight deadlines. Many people use the internet to reach social media, post pictures, and listen to music while others like me take great advantage of it to improve their lives.

In this article, I will show you 12 simple life tech hacks that will make your daily life smoother and help you improve your productivity.

What are Life Tech Hacks?

Before revealing these hacks, let’s first understand what tech hacks are precise. Technology hacks or simply tech hacks are strategies or techniques, tricks or tips that can help you to make your social, professional or even personal life easier – hence speeding up efficiency, and productivity and minimizing resources.

12 Great Tech Hacks you should Adopt today.

This section highlights various tech hacks you should know from today.

Teck Hack 1: Google Translate will help you Proofread your writing

12 Incredible Life Tech Hacks Everyone Needs to Know : Use Google Translate to proofread

If you are in the content writing domain or a student, it can be difficult to easily catch errors in your drafts. Thanks to Google translate, you can rather use your ears instead of your eyes. All you need to do is to copy your content and paste it into Google Translate and then click on the listen icon at the bottom. The app will narrate the whole text to you and as you listen, you will easily detect errors.

Useful Tech hack: Speak directly instead of writing

Speak directly instead of writing

I recently discovered this trick and I really regretted that I didn’t discover it earlier. This really saves time. Won’t it be cool if instead of typing everything down you could actually dictate it to Google Docs or Microsoft Word and it actually does the writing for you? Great right? 

To use this tip on Google, select the Tools menu, select the voice typing option and then click on the mic and finally do the magic with your voice

As for Word, in the Home menu, select the dictation option or press Windows+H to view the dictation toolbar. After that, click on the mic and start dictating your text.

3. These 6 Keyboard Shortcuts will save you time

12 Incredible Life Tech Hacks Everyone Needs to Know: useful keyboard shortcuts

Stop typing everything or doing everything from scratch or manually. these keyboard shortcuts will make your life easier and considerably improve your productivity.

  1. Use the spacebar to scroll down a page. To completely scroll down press and maintain the spacebar
  2. Another tech hack is to use the Window+Left/Right Arrow to select which window(s) to work on if you have multiple windows opened.
  3. Windows+L will help you quickly lock your computer if you were working on a confidential file when someone suddenly pops up.
  4. Use Windows+D to hide or show your desktop at once even if you have many tabs and windows open
  5. Alt+Tab will help you to switch between multiple opened windows easily.
  6. Since the spacebar help you scroll down a page, Shift+Spacebar will help you scroll up the page.

4. Daily Tech hack: Quickly Re-open an accidentally closed Tab

I have accidentally closed a tab of my browser a couple of times,s especially an important one as well as many of you. There is a simple command you can use to re-open them immediately. Press Command+Shift+T on Mac or Control+Shift+T if you are instead using a Windows PC.

You can use it many times to re-open recently closed tabs as many as possible

5. Eight Youtube Shortcuts you didn’t know

12 Incredible Life Tech Hacks Everyone Needs to Know : useful youtube shortcuts

These Youtube tech hacks tips will blow your mind off and you may ask yourself why you did not discover them earlier. If you usually visit youtube then here are some amazing Youtube shortcuts you ought to know to improve your experience.

  1. Please K or Space to Pause a video. Most of you may know this tip.
  2. Use the Up and down arrow to increase or decrease the volume of a video
  3. Use M to mute the sound
  4. F will put the video on Full-screen
  5. Press L to fast forward 10 seconds
  6. Press J to rewind 10 seconds

6. Google will help you study


If you need to study for an important test in college or high school, then just you the magical query “site:edu [subject] exam” and you will get tons of resources of exam papers with solutions.

For example the query above: site:edu Javascript exam; search for JavaScript exam papers.

7. Know exactly How long it will take you to read a book

12 Incredible Life Tech Hacks Everyone Needs to Know : estimate hoe long you will read a book

For those of you involved in tasks that require reading books, you may like to know how long it can take you to finish a specific book. If you are a student, you may like to estimate the time to can finish Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre so that you can prepare your essay on time. Then HowLongtoread.com will help you approximate the time required for you t read any book.

8. Easily check the definition of a word on Mac.

You Mac users, no need to open your browser to check for a definition of a word since you can directly use a simple command to verify it. Just highlight the word you wish to look up and press on Command+Control+D and a dialogue box will appear with the information concerning that word.

9. Know which technology or tool a website uses

Let’s say you want to know the underlining tech stack or tools of a website then you could use builtwith.com. It helps you detect for example which tools does Flutter, or any Open source project or website used and equally provides many external resources regarding those tools.

10. Find all mails with Attached files

If you need to check a long list of mails to find a specific file, an important tech hack you could use is typing in the search box has:attachment. Even though you won’t spot it directly in the mail, it will at least reduce the search area and eventually save time.

11. Improve your Google Search with a minus(-)

improve your research skills

Do you want to exclude certain words from your search, that words you want to search, use the “”. For example, if you are searching for mobile frameworks and would like to exclude flutter, then type mobile frameworks -flutter.

12. These websites will make your day

12 Incredible Life Tech Hacks Everyone Needs to Know : Top useful websites

Are you tired of finding special characters on your keyboard, creating flyers with paint or searching for the right images on search engines to add to your blog or flyers? Then these websites will help you squeeze a great amount of time.

  • Iconfinder.com: Get professional icons of all sizes
  • Screenshot: Take amazing screenshots of webpages on desktop and mobile devices.
  • CopyPasteCharacter. Find and use special characters that you can’t easily find on your keyboard.
  • Office: Download templates for your documents as well as clipart and images.
  • Canva is a great tool for all kinds of flyers, web, and mobile design mockups.
  • Unsplash will provide you with a great library of free images in any domain for your blog, flyer or website.
  • Freepik is another splendid platform to find amazing ready-to-use templates for your web or mobile projects and more.

Final Thoughts

There is a great number of tech hacks you can use out there. This article focuses on some of the most used ones. Try them, I believe you won’t regret them. One of them will surely help you to speed up your work. 

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