The Best Free HTML Email Builders: Top 15 Picks For You

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In today’s digital landscape, crafting compelling email campaigns is essential for connecting with your audience and achieving your marketing goals. But mastering HTML coding just to design an email? Not everyone’s cup of tea. Thankfully, free HTML email builders come to the rescue, empowering you to create stunning emails without writing a single line of code.

But with so many options out there, choosing the right builder can feel overwhelming. Fear not, intrepid marketers! This guide unveils the top 10 free HTML email builders, each catering to specific needs and skill levels.

15 Best HTML Email Builders to Start Using Today

1. Beefree: The champion of user-friendliness, Beefree boasts a drag-and-drop interface and a massive library of over 1275 responsive templates. Perfect for beginners and speed demons, it lets you whip up professional-looking emails in minutes.

2. Stripo: Another drag-and-drop maestro, Stripo shines with its pixel-perfect editing and advanced features like AMP for interactive content. While slightly steeper than Beefree’s learning curve, Stripo rewards creative control enthusiasts.

3. Tabular: Embrace the power of tables with Tabular! This unique builder excels at crafting complex layouts and intricate email structures. If you crave granular control over your email’s architecture, Tabular is your match.

4. Chamaileon: Collaboration is key for Chamaileon. This builder caters to teams, offering real-time co-editing and version control. Ideal for agencies and large businesses, it streamlines the email creation process for multiple users.

5. Moosend: Simplicity meets functionality in Moosend’s free plan. Drag-and-drop, pre-built templates, and a user-friendly editor make it a breeze to create basic emails. Plus, built-in email sending capabilities are a bonus.

6. MailChimp: A household name in email marketing, MailChimp’s free plan offers a basic drag-and-drop builder and a decent selection of templates. While limited compared to its paid tiers, it’s a solid choice for beginners starting out.

7. Mail Designer 365: Mac users, rejoice! Mail Designer 365 packs a punch with its stunning templates, advanced image editing, and offline working capabilities. If you’re comfortable with Mac software, this one’s a dream come true.

8. Mail Styler 2: Need a Windows-friendly option? Look no further than Mail Styler 2. This free software boasts a WYSIWYG editor, responsive templates, and a library of design elements to build eye-catching emails.

9. Mosaico: For those who love building block-style design, Mosaico is a hidden gem. Drag and drop pre-designed modules to create unique email layouts, perfect for those who appreciate a visual approach.

10. Coffeecup: Code ninjas, rejoice! Coffeecup offers a free WYSIWYG editor with built-in HTML and CSS editing capabilities. While not for beginners, it gives tech-savvy users complete control over their email’s code.

11. Postcards: a Simple Email Template Software

12. Unlayer: A user-friendly email template builder

13. Topol: Free Newsletter Builder

14. Hubspot: Drag and Drop HTML email template builder

15. Sender: One of the best drag-and-drop HTML email builder

Comparison of Popular HTML Email Builders

When exploring different options for HTML email builders, it’s necessary to weigh the pros and cons to get the perfect fit. HTML email builders often come with varying functionalities, from drag-and-drop solutions to more code-heavy platforms. Let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantages of some popular choices.

Choosing the ideal HTML email builder relies largely on your specific needs and technical prowess, with each offering its unique benefits and drawbacks.



Among the greatest email editors is Beefree. It started with the well-known Italian ESP MailUp.

You can utilize free, pre-made, responsive email templates. With the help of the pre-built content and structural email blocks and pieces, you can design your own unique appearance and feel.

This email builder is convenient and effective because Beefree’s program lets users select the width of column structures from a predetermined list. It is not possible to nest columns into one another, so you are limited in the complexity of your layouts.

Using Beefree is totally free. The active project is saved by the email template editor to the browser’s storage. Upon your return, you can immediately pick up where you left off with editing or begin a new one.


The Best Free HTML Email Builders: Top 15 Picks For You - Stripo

With the help of renowned email builder Stripo, you can create interactive emailers for your audience by utilizing dynamic AMP email features. Hundreds of email templates and a robust drag-and-drop editor are features of the application.

The majority of the functional capabilities small businesses require are available in Stripo’s free email template builder. Nevertheless, certain functionalities, such as email client testing and premium template access, are exclusive to subscribers. Professionals on the platform can even create a custom email template upon request.



With Tabular’s email template maker, you don’t need to know how to code to design responsive HTML email templates. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to quickly and simply create emails that seem professional.

You may choose from a range of pre-built “blocks” containing text, graphics, buttons, and more with this user-friendly drag-and-drop email builder. To help your brand remain consistent and save time, you can also save these as “team blocks” that your team may access with ease later.

Additionally, the platform provides responsive design choices, guaranteeing that your emails will display well on all screens.

They provide 37 contemporary email templates, divided into three categories: promotional, relationship, and transactional.


The Best Free HTML Email Builders: Top 15 Picks For You - Chamaileon

Chamaileon is a responsive email template editor and builder designed to assist companies in producing eye-catching, high-caliber emails.

A combination of content and structure aspects is available in the online email editor. The majority of email themes may be created using sophisticated styling choices.

Hundreds of ready-to-use, pre-designed responsive email templates are available.

Because structure elements can be stacked within one another, the editor allows you to add an infinite number of columns and manually change each column’s size in pixels.

Each column’s size can be separately adjusted by pixels.
You can add borders, paddings, and margins using the email editor, and you may adjust each one’s size in pixels.



You can utilize this email marketing tool’s templates on different platforms by downloading the JSON file or copying the HTML.

There are many options for templates, and the builder makes it simple to modify any of them. When you’re done, you may send a test email and see how it appears on different devices.
It’s good to know that Moosend offers unlimited email sending for as low as $9 a month, if that’s how you’d like to distribute your newsletter. In addition, pop-ups, reports, sign-up forms, spam testing, and automation are included.


The Best Free HTML Email Builders: Top 15 Picks For You - MailChimp

Popular marketing platform Mailchimp has an easy-to-use email template builder that has all the features needed to create responsive emails. Within minutes, you can build creative themes with the aid of the drag-and-drop email builder. Additionally, you can modify pre-made templates from the collection to suit the needs of your campaign.

The email builder can be used by beginners. It’s not necessary to have any prior experience to write responsive and aesthetically pleasing emails. The email template library contains all the emails you need to send to clients, including newsletters, surveys, and lead nurturing emails.

Mail Designer 365

Mail Designer 365

The email builder program Mail Designer 365 is exclusive to Mac users. Some users may find it useful that the email editor is mobile device optimized.

The usability of the software is simple. This is your typical drag-and-drop email builder, where you may personalize and store your blocks and elements for later use.

You may add some flair to your email design by using the built-in collection of free Unsplash photographs in Mail Designer 365. Users of the app can also choose from a variety of ready-to-use GIFs.

If you’re a Mac user, you may download Mail Designer 365 and use it for a free seven-day trial and later on $18 per person per month depending on your needs.

Mail Styler 2

The Best Free HTML Email Builders: Top 15 Picks For You - Mail Styler 2

A Windows email builder program is called Mail Styler. By modifying one of the pre-made templates or starting from scratch, the software enables you to build responsive email templates.
After downloading Mail Styler to your PC, you can only utilize a small selection of free responsive email templates; all additional possibilities (designated as new or PRO) are only available to those who have paid for the program.

Although rather rigorous, the software is relatively easy to use. It doesn’t give much opportunity for originality or personalization. For instance, you are limited to selecting from a small number of preset color schemes and fonts.



Mosaico offers several distinctive email template designs to get you started and is free to use under the General Public License. You can fully personalize an email design with Mosaico’s drag-and-drop email editor.

The best feature of this free email editor is that it promises responsive email designs by automatically resizing all of your images. To have total control over your data, you can self-host it on your server by downloading the code.


This email builder program is available for a free trial, allowing you to test emails and export three designs before paying the $129 yearly price.
It’s not easy to use the software. It takes a few minutes to truly understand how to use the email builder, even though you may choose a pre-designed template and modify it to suit your needs.

The Best Free HTML Email Builders: Top 15 Picks For You - Coffeecup

There are no clear instructions to follow if you wish to create your own email template from scratch, therefore you will need to have some understanding of email structure and layout.


There’s little likelihood that you’ll become overwhelmed when creating your layouts because the HTML email editor has a really straightforward interface. Choosing from over 900 Google fonts is one of Postcards’ interesting features—much more than any other email design tool on our list.

As a reader or editor, you can ask other team members to work with you on a template. There are several well-designed pro modules available. Additionally, they have a very large free plan that integrates with several of our best email marketing companies. With the free plan, you can only create 10 email template projects and export 5 files. After you’ve depleted them, you will need to make payments.


The Best Free HTML Email Builders: Top 15 Picks For You - Topol

TOPOL is another user-friendly, free template generator that helps customers produce beautiful marketing emails while saving time, effort, and energy. You can use the drag-and-drop builder as a stand-alone system or as a plugin to link it with your favorite marketing tool. Because of its user-friendly layout and ability to accommodate configurable content blocks, both experts and beginners find it to be highly appealing.

In addition to a few extra features, TOPOL’s services package contains every necessary feature provided by its competitors. Highlights of the platform are its easily navigable interface for beginners and its easily changeable design blocks that streamline the creation of emails. The analytics dashboard also allows you to preview emails and track your progress.



Unlayer is an additional robust drag-and-drop email template builder that offers small businesses and owners of e-commerce stores several sophisticated capabilities. Several lovely email and landing page templates are available for free usage with the drag-and-drop + HTML email builder.

But only on a subscription account are sophisticated capabilities like dynamic exports to email providers, reusable custom blocks, and necessary features like work saving available.


The Best Free HTML Email Builders: Top 15 Picks For You - Hubspot

For designing email templates, HubSpot’s email drag-and-drop builder is a simple, inexpensive, and accessible solution. You don’t have to struggle with complex coding or use pre-made templates that don’t allow you to quickly change anything about your email—from the layout and color scheme to the typeface and images—if you use HubSpot.

Adding and rearranging items is a breeze thanks to the drag-and-drop capability, which guarantees that your email template precisely reflects your message and brand identity. Furthermore, HubSpot’s email builder is optimized for mobile devices, so your emails will display beautifully on any screen.

The best thing is that you can link your emails to your website, customer support, and sales thanks to HubSpot’s integration of email tools with their all-in-one solution.



With a feature-rich email template generator, Sender is a potent email marketing tool. The program provides several useful tools and features that will help you get the most out of your email marketing. With the drag-and-drop email builder that features configurable design elements and adaptable templates, you can create stunning email marketing campaigns from the ground up.

You may utilize Sender’s extensive library of responsive email templates for a variety of company communications, including newsletters, holiday campaigns, emails about abandoned carts, promotional offers, and more. Using a template and the drag-and-drop functionality, create a responsive email that adheres to the design principles and voice of your brand.

Final Thoughts

While we hope that our list of top 15 free HTML email builders has given you a foot forward in deciding the tool that suits your needs, always remember, there is no one-size-fits-all. Your business, requirements, level of coding knowledge, and time constraints are the critical factors that should guide your choice.

Don’t stress over finding a perfect solution, because there might not be one. Instead, focus on finding a tool that helps you to get most of the job done efficiently. Always opt for a user-friendly interface and a tool that offers templates, as they can make things easier for beginners. Analyze the past user reviews and the brand reputation before finally making your pick

As we know, technology is evolving rapidly, and so are HTML email builders. To get the most out of your chosen tool, it’s important to stay updated with new features and tools hitting the market. Subscribe to newsletters, follow your favorite tools on social media, participate in user forums, and attend webinars whenever possible. Keeping up with these updates will ensure that you’re always crafting your emails with the best features available, further solidifying your brand’s standing in the digital world.

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