17 Best CSS Coding Courses From Zero to Hero in 2024

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Do want to learn HTML5 and CSS3 now or in 2024? Here are the best online CSS Coding courses from Zero to Hero.

Two of the most significant web programming languages are HTML and CSS. You may learn everything you need to know about web coding and begin creating websites for clients with an HTML and CSS course.

For both novice and seasoned developers, this post offers the top HTML5 courses from websites such as Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, Educative, FreeCodeCamp, and Scrimba. Thousands of developers trust these expert-created online seminars and training programs to help them learn HTML5 and CSS3 in 2023.

Summary – 17 Best CSS Coding Courses in 2024

CSS: Zero to Hero in CSS by Styling a Website from Scratch is one of the best CSS coding courses by Udemy

CSS Tutorial – Zero to Hero (Complete Course) Best CSS coding Course by FreeCodeCamp

Learn HTML and CSS from Zero to Hero (the easiest way): One of the best CSS Coding Course by Udemy

Zero to Hero hands-on mastery on HTML5 & CSS3: One of the best CSS Coding Courses by Udemy

Build Responsive Real-World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3: One of the best CSS Coding Courses by Udemy

CSS – The Complete Guide 2023 (incl. Flexbox, Grid & Sass): Another best CSS Coding Course by Udemy

Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning: One of the best CSS Coding Courses by Udemy

Advanced Styling with Responsive: Best CSS Coding Course by Udemy

Intro to HTML and CSS: One of the best CSS Coding Course by Udacity for beginners

Styling Websites with CSS: One of the best CSS Coding Courses by Pluralsight for beginner

Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations, and More!: One of the best CSS Coding Courses by Udemy

HTML & CSS Crash Course: One of the best CSS Coding Course by Scrimba

Learn CSS by Codecademy: One of the best CSS Coding Course by Codecademy

HTML5 + CSS3 + Bootstrap: The Beginner Web Design Course: One of the best CSS Coding Course by Udemy

CSS Bootcamp – Master CSS (Including CSS Grid / Flexbox): One of the best CSS Coding Courses by Udemy

The Complete Advanced Guide to CSS: One of the Best CSS Coding Courses by Educative

The CSS and CSS3 Crash Course: One of the best CSS Coding Course by Udemy

CSS: Zero to Hero in CSS by Styling a Website from Scratch

Become the next expert in CSS and HTML with this 6hr 17min course with Jad Khalili. In this course, you will learn how to apply CSS to any type of website or app, get the basic styling formatting in CSS, and learn about CSS theory and some powerful concepts around it.

Lastly, you will master CSS Flex, Grid, Animations, Transitions, and more but you must have basic HTML knowledge and the willing to learn.

There is a ton of informative and interactive content in this course to help you reach your objectives. An extensive quiz covering each topic is included in each section, with ten questions to help you assess your knowledge and abilities.

Additionally, you get to use all of the concepts you learned to create a website from scratch at the end of the course!

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CSS Tutorial – Zero to Hero (Complete Course)

Learn CSS from the ground up in this in-depth 6-hour course that covers everything from sophisticated animations and website modifications to simple selectors. The course is provided by FreeCodeCamp and includes:

  • Introduction to CSS
  • How to link CSS Stylesheet
  • How to Test Stylesheet
  • CSS Selectors
  • Advance Selectors and Properties
  • CSS Styling
  • Flex, Grid, and alignment
  • Animations and Transitions

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Learn HTML and CSS from Zero to Hero (the easiest way)

Learn the basics of HTML and CSS from Udemy expert mentors within 5hr 5mins. No programming knowledge is required. You just need a PC and the desire to learn. The course is divided into 3 sections:

In the introductory part, you will set up your PC and get mentally ready to begin the course.

In the second part, you get to know page structure, HTML tags, formatting, block and in-line elements, forms, audio, and video.

Finally, in the last part, you learn CSS selectors, properties, fonts, positions and alignment, combinators gradient, animation, 2D and 3D

About 35 lessons are covered in this course. Basic to advanced HTML and CSS are covered in these classes. Additionally, you study the best practices for creating clear, readable code. In order to help you improve it or, in the event that there are mistakes, to identify how to correct them, you will also be able to share your assignment and code with your mentor.

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Zero to Hero hands-on mastery of HTML5 & CSS3

This course will not only teach you HTML5 and CSS3 concepts like an expert, but it will also force you to implement them like a pro if you’ve always wanted to learn web programming or become a full-stack developer.

You will acquire knowledge of all concepts through practical examples and projects.

Many students simply shy away from front-end technologies because they believe it’s not for them. However, this course will change your mind and turn you into a developer by showing you how to apply the principles without having to recall anything.

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Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3

Forever access to 12 hours of video, 11 articles, and 8 downloadable materials are included with this course. You will learn practical skills to create elegant, functional, and genuinely responsive websites in the real world.

A portion of questions and answers in the tutorial is quite helpful in clearing up any doubts that may arise throughout the course. Jonas suggests a project-based course in which you will study the theory portion first and then apply it to the main topic. For those who wish to begin learning about web design and development, this course is ideal.

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 CSS – The Complete Guide 2023 (incl. Flexbox, Grid & Sass)

The most popular CSS course on Udemy is this one. The foundational principles of CSS are covered first, then progressively more complex CSS ideas. You will go deeply into some of the most significant and often used CSS concepts during the course.

Millions of developers have trusted Maximilian Schwarzmüller’s web development courses, including React Complete Guide since he is one of the most well-liked instructors on Udemy.

To attend this you do not require any CSS skills. With more than twenty-three hours of video footage overall, it is a massive course. This course is designed for people who wish to learn CSS in-depth; nevertheless, while it covers many advanced CSS principles and approaches, people who are familiar with CSS basics can still choose to enroll in it.

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Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning

One of my favorite and Udemy’s best-selling instructors, Brad Traversy, is the creator of one of the best HTML and CSS courses available on the platform. This lesson will teach you how to create numerous beautiful websites and user interface projects.

It is intended for students of all skill levels. There are 26 archives to download, two articles, and twenty-one hours of video. You will also understand how to work with overlays, dropdown menus, CSS variables, and more. You’ll work on CSS and Flexbox grid projects.

Brad speaks with a tone that is quite familiar to listeners, breaking things down into easily understood terms. His voice and clear explanations really make learning easy, and he isn’t ashamed to share his own code errors so that you can learn from them as well.

Anyone who wants to become an expert in HTML and CSS for web development should take this course, in my opinion.

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Advanced Styling with Responsive Design

This course is designed for individuals who wish to gain in-depth knowledge of advanced CSS and Bootstrap. After covering the fundamentals of CSS3, it moves on to more complex subjects including media queries, wireframes, fluid design, and utilizing pre-existing styling paradigms like Bootstrap. Another primary goal of this course is responsive design.

If you know CSS should take this course. It is a paid course that is included in the popular Coursera web design certification, Web Design for Everyone: Foundations of Web Development & Coding Specialization.

You can enroll in this course by paying for certification, but if money is tight, you may always use Coursera’s financial aid option to enroll for free.

However, you need basic knowledge of HTML and CSS

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Intro to HTML and CSS

You will get an introduction to the tools needed to create well-structured websites in the Intro to HTML and CSS course. Here you may learn everything there is to know about HTML and how to add useful stylistic elements to your pages. The mini-course is offered as a component of a front-end web developer “nano-degree” program.

This course is ideal for those who want to work in front-end web development since it will get you ready for Udacity’s full nano degree program. The fundamentals of HTML and CSS syntax will be covered in an approachable manner designed for novices.

For those who are pressed for time but want to learn web development basics, this HTML and CSS course is the perfect fit. In an organized manner, you will study some of the key ideas behind effective web development, including HTML syntax and tags, CSS syntax and rule sets, images, and lists…

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Styling Websites with CSS

Some brand-new courses from Pluralsight are available to master CSS in-depth. You can use their collection of one- to two-hour short courses to gain a thorough understanding of many CSS subjects, like as styling, layout, and animation.

For those new to CSS, this course, Style Websites with CSS, is an excellent place to start. You’ll discover how to use CSS to style HTML components. This course, developed by Susan Simkins, will show you how to use various CSS selector types to apply style rules and generate stylesheets.

But you may need a Pluralsight membership to join the course.

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Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations, and More!

This is not just one of the most popular CSS courses on Udemy, but also one of the most sophisticated CSS courses available. It is astounding that the course has received, on average, 4.8 evaluations from nearly 50,000 students.

Bravo to Jonas Schmemann, the creator of this outstanding course and the instructor of the prior session, which ranked #1 in HTML 5 and CSS on Udemy. Advanced CSS subjects including CSS Grid, Flexbox, responsive design, and much more are covered in this course.

Jonas is an excellent teacher; his use cases and examples are thoughtful, and his explanations are succinct and easy to understand. In addition, he tries to highlight typical errors and misunderstandings, which is essential to becoming a proficient CSS coder.

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HTML & CSS Crash Course

This crash course will teach you how to create your first web pages from scratch quickly. This entertaining and captivating Scrimba course simplifies a variety of difficult HTML concepts into manageable modules covering anything from lists and graphics to basic syntax and vocabulary.

The HTML & CSS crash course was designed for total beginners who wish to advance their knowledge as soon as possible. It will quickly teach you everything you need to know about common coding languages. You will receive a thorough introduction to HTML and CSS, even if you have never used them before. This includes important vocabulary and examples of how to apply specific coding structures.

The HTML & CSS crash course includes information, challenges to put your abilities to the test, and an easy-to-follow format that covers all the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. You’ll discover how to write HTML as a novice, understand how HTML and CSS function, and use both internal and external CSS to produce stunning styles.

The course is free and only takes 4 hours to complete

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Learn CSS by Codecademy

One of my favorite places to go for interactive learning is CodeCademy. If you have taken JavaScript classes online, you may be familiar with CodeCademy’s Learn JavaScript course, which is among the most well-liked JavaScript courses available worldwide.

They have recently grown and introduced a lot of new courses to teach new technology. You’ll pick up a lot of knowledge about web page styling! Also, you’ll be able to make eye-catching layouts, adjust text and color, and set up the proper file structure. You’ll be able to alter your web pages’ appearance to meet your specific needs if you have these abilities! Also, a certificate of completion will be awarded to you.

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HTML5 + CSS3 + Bootstrap: The Beginner Web Design Course

Learn the fundamentals of web development, HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap, quickly so you can create responsive websites of your own.

This is a great online course that teaches HTML 5, CSS 3, and Bootstrap. The way that HTML 5 and CSS 3 are used to construct responsive websites has been expertly explained by the instructors, Phil Ebiner and Nick Walter.

The training is very helpful for those who are just starting to code. It’s engaging and highly practical; even if you have no prior computer experience, you can learn what HTML is and how to edit the content on websites

In terms of social evidence, this course has received an astounding average of 4+ reviews from nearly 12,500 students.

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CSS Bootcamp — Master CSS (Including CSS Grid / Flexbox)

This is yet another one of Udemy’s best-selling courses. In this course, both fundamentals and sophisticated ideas are covered. The lecturer focuses mostly on Flexbox and the CSS grid. These are both really important CSS ideas. The instructor goes into great detail to discuss each topic in this course.

With almost twelve hours of video content, it’s a massive course. Despite being a beginner-level course, those who know the basics of CSS can still enroll in it.

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The Complete Advanced Guide to CSS

Learn CSS online with this text-based interactive course on Educative, a brand-new interactive learning platform for developers and programmers. This course promises to turn you from a novice (or intermediate) CSS user into one of the most skilled CSS developers you’ll ever meet!

The course will take approximately ten hours to finish because it is quite detailed. The following are the subjects covered in this course, which is also extremely well organized:

  • CSS Fundamentals
  • SVG and Responsive Design
  • Creating sleek Interfaces with CSS Animations and Transitions
  • Writing Maintainable CSS and Tips for CSS at Scale
  • Learn the CSS Grid by Building
  • Build Practical Projects
  • Flexbox, Variables, Gradients, Backgrounds, Responsive Images, Handy Pro tools, and many more!

There is no CSS prerequisite for this course. This course is perfect for backend engineers and front-end developers who want to improve their front-end design abilities.

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The CSS and CSS3 Crash Course

This is one of the greatest courses available on Udemy for thoroughly learning CSS and CSS3. All of the key ideas are covered in the course at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Beginning with the fundamentals of CSS, it progressively progresses to topics at the intermediate level before explaining the advanced-level topics.

The course is designed for beginners and has more than thirteen hours of video content in total.

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You have gone through the best CSS coding courses online. If you wish to learn CSS in-depth, these are the top courses. The top educational websites were used to choose these courses.

It’s possible that some of the courses are advanced while others are not. Since CSS is so extensive, it’s likely that many of you already know the fundamentals. That’s the reason we expanded this list to include a few advanced-level courses.

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